Our Story

We've all been told we should do something we're passionate about.  We're not really ever told how to figure that out, though.  Unless there's something in our life that we're obviously excited about, it can be tough to find your passion.


At least, that's what I thought.  It wasn't until around Christmas this past year that I realized just how much I love my dogs.  I was never a dog person growing up, so you can imagine my surprise at realizing this.  Suddenly, I realized what a responsible adult I had finally become; I was taking my girls to the groomers, I got them micro chipped and registered, they had been to the vet for their check-ups. Life became doggy dates, dog parks, and going to grandma's house.  


These are my fur babies, Nala on the left, Elli on the right.  They are sisters from separate litters.  And yes, this is a cell phone pic in my back yard.  The name Elli Bear began as a nickname for Elli that started almost as soon as I got her home.  It has now culminated in a website where I hope to help other pet parents have a rich and fulfilling life with their babies.